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“We ended up saving the business about 250k pounds. It took us 6 months to deliver that ROI.”

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“Everything was clustered in different Excel sheets, making it very hard to understand if we had the right number of people for the workload.”
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“Not only have we dramatically improved customer service levels, we’ve reduced agent burnout and we’re saving over £100k a year.”
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“There was no value in looking for another solution because injixo is really cost-effective, scalable, easy-to-use, and that was perfect for what we wanted to do.”
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“We compared the price and functionality of lots of WFM tools and injixo stood out for value-for-money. injixo is a massive win for us.”
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“No matter the size of your organisation, injixo can deliver for you. They offer incredible value for an outstanding product and I couldn't recommend them highly enough.”
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“One of the main reasons for choosing injixo was that you have the utmost flexibility with the monthly subscription plan. That is really different from most of the competitors in the WFM area.”
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“Within 5 weeks, service level improved by 32%. We’ve reduced operating costs. And our employees love self-service for time off and shift swaps on their smartphones.”
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“I’ve told everyone: Get injixo! It is going to save you time, it is going to save you wages, it is going to save you everything.”
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“Adherence went from 'not measurable' to an unprecedented and near-perfect 97% (normal industry average: 85%).”
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“I wholeheartedly recommend injixo. It’s easy to use - and it’s got everything you need for workforce management.”
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