When every second counts, you can't afford to be almost right.

Automate time tracking, evaluate working hours, and ensure compliance and accurate payroll.

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Why track time and attendance with injixo?

Inaccurate time tracking can have costly consequences, from payroll errors to non-compliance with labor laws on overtime and breaks. These challenges not only affect employee morale, but can also lead to legal penalties that damage your organization's reputation.

injixo Time and Attendance ensures accurate tracking and seamless payroll integration, mitigating risks of errors and non-compliance.


Accurate payroll and compliance

Ensure your business stays compliant with labor laws through a customizable solution that handles your unique requirements, from working hours to overtime. Automatically sync time data directly into payroll, protecting your people and business from miscalculations. 


Increased efficiency and reduced costs

Streamline your administrative processes and reduce overhead costs with automated time tracking. Efficiently minimize errors from manual timesheets while speeding up payroll processing, freeing up your team to focus on high-value activities.


Deeply integrated WFM solution

Effortlessly handle time-off requests, scheduling, intraday management and more within the comprehensive injixo WFM suite. Unlock the potential of a unified platform and ensure the right people are always where you need them, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction and business profitability.

All you need to get time & attendance right

Automated time tracking 

Capture all work hours automatically from daily start and end times to breaks, absences and overtime.

Customizable policies and rules

Our experts set up your unique organizational policies and labor laws, such as break times and overtime rules.
Integration with all payroll systems
Seamlessly integrate time data directly with your payroll solutions.
Alerts and notifications
Receive automatic alerts for late clock-ins, absentees, or when employees are nearing overtime.
Project time tracking and reporting
Track every second spent on projects to ensure efficient, error-free client billing.

Explore our products

We live in a world of uncertainty. We help you bring it under control, and embrace it when you can't.
Predict your short-, mid-, and long-term workload with machine learning that is always up to date.
Creating the perfect schedule is hard. Deliver schedules your people love and your business needs.
Balance the requirements of your people with your business demands to create the best possible schedules.
Intraday Management
No two days are the same. Be prepared for the unexpected.
Adapt your schedules to unforeseen events in real time to meet your short-term business goals.
Time Off Management
Turn time-off management from a source of stress to a source of joy.
Foster a culture of fairness, trust, and transparency by automating and simplifying your time-off processes.
Education Content
You can't grow your business without growing your people. Empower them to reach their fullest potential.
Run scalable education programs and ensure consistent learning results with interactive e-learning content.
Protect your data and innovate with confidence.
Explore endless possibilities with scalable cloud infrastructure, deep integrations, and an API that opens doors to innovation, all built on enterprise-grade security.
Capacity Planning
Building capacity takes time. Plan strategically to grow your people and business.
Decide on recruitment, budget, and training strategies ahead of time to grow your business in the long run.
HR Management
Data management can be messy. Bring order to chaos.
Establish a trusted hub for all your people's data, integrating seamlessly with your existing systems and improving collaboration.

Empower your people today

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