Adherence Monitoring: Reach the full potential of your schedules in real time

You invest a lot of effort in creating schedules that optimize the match between the supply of agents and demand from customers. All that effort is wasted if your agents don’t adhere to their schedules. Just one agent logging out early can be enough to ruin the customer experience and prevent you hitting your service goals.

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Track agent schedule adherence in real-time

injixo takes the guesswork out of adherence management, because it gives planners, real-time analysts, and team leaders a clear, actionable picture of the status of their agents.

Say goodbye to low or unmeasurable adherence

You can't achieve 100% adherence: ending calls early to take breaks on time is a bad idea. But actionable, real-time visibility of agent status lets you get as close to perfection as possible.

Gain a concise, actionable view of the adherence status of your agents.
You always have the information you need to get back on track, in the right priority order.
Get the maximum value from your optimized schedules by helping your agents to adhere to them.

Want to see it in action?

Discuss your real-time management goals and challenges with one of our experts and let them show you how injixo can help.

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