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Support is more than a helpdesk. It’s the foundation of your success. With injixo, you can count on reliable, local people with WFM and contact center expertise.

In my career, I've worked with a lot of vendors... injixo has one of the best and most attentive support networks I've ever worked with.
PAUL GERADS Workforce Performance Specialist, Gate City Bank

Your formula for success

Trust in over 450 years of expertise
injixo’s support team are experts who understand you and your business. They have over 450 years of combined WFM and contact center experience. In many cases, they have worked as planners themselves.
Local support when you need it

Our team is always available to support your challenges, in your language.

Care you can count on
Enjoy true customer service. Your support team are not salespeople and do not work on commission. On average, injixo success managers stay with the company for 6 years. They are there to help you get the most value from injixo long-term.

Support options you can rely on


Your fastest way for troubleshooting: submit a ticket. Get your problem solved quickly and conveniently.

Standard: Thanks to the easy ticketing system, you can conveniently log your problems. Our support team covers multiple time zones, ensuring a quick and reliable response.

Priority: Your requests get the attention of our global team right away. It will be prioritized so you get your problems resolved first.


Get face time with your support team! You will experience personal support during onboarding and service days. When you have a complex problem, you can always request assistance via video chat or on-site visit.

Just looking for some inspiration? Visit injixo’s famous PlanCon conferences and meet the team yourself!


Your injixo support team can call you when you need it. Tired of playing phone tag? Consider a dedicated phone line and get exclusive access to injixo’s experts!


Get the ultimate level of personal support: your own dedicated consultant. Build your WFM journey with a person familiar with you and your business. Obtain long-term gains. Benefit from a highly-tailored experience and a reliable relationship to help you grow.

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90% of our customers have an easy support experience

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The collaboration with the injixo team is brilliant! They are always going out of their way to solve our problems quickly. Their expertise led to impressive results in our training sessions. Instead of it being “them and us,” working with injixo feels like we are all on one team.
The injixo team is highly committed to delivering on what they promise. They have proven numerous times how passionate they are on providing optimal customer experience by dedicating time, effort and determination to fix issues, give advice and provide hands-on support that went beyond and above my expectations.

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