Protect your data and innovate with confidence

Explore endless possibilities with scalable cloud infrastructure, deep integrations, and an API that opens doors to innovation, all built on enterprise-grade security.


Why choose the injixo platform?

Navigating complex workflows and maintaining top-grade security demands a dynamic tool. injixo isn’t just a solution; it’s a journey into innovation. We understand the challenges and evolve continuously to meet them, ensuring your operations are always a step ahead with unmatched uptime, scalability, and privacy.

With the injixo platform, you can grow a secure, scalable, and innovative business.

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Fortify your data security

Safeguard sensitive information and ensure data integrity with injixo's robust privacy measures. Our commitment to security is the foundation to every aspect of our platform.

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Scale effortlessly for tomorrow’s challenges

Meet your operational demands intuitively with injixo's flexible platform. Easily scale your business in the cloud, ensuring perfect alignment with your evolving needs.

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Synchronize systems for unlimited potential

Connect your business across any system or solution with our advanced API and integrations, all designed for future-proof compatibility.

All you need in one platform

Continuous innovation
Experience a platform that constantly brings you the latest in innovation for business growth and success.
Uncompromised security
Protect your data with rigorous security, compliance, authentication, and authorization standards.
Effortless updates
Enjoy zero-effort maintenance with automatic, seamless updates and enhancements.
Infrastructure scalability
Adjust your injixo setup to meet your evolving needs, without any hardware or software overhauls.
Easy deployment
Get your systems up and running in just a few hours with hands-on support from renowned experts.
Create custom functionalities and workflows to embed injixo into your existing business operations.
Deep integrations
Connect with a multitude of systems and platforms for all your essential business and operational data.
Flexible pricing
Embrace a cost-effective approach that maximizes your ROI, without large upfront investments.
Reliability and resilience
Cutting-edge redundancy and failover capabilities ensure continuous business operations.
Universal access
Access injixo from any browser and on any device, keeping your business connected and agile.
injixo isn't just a great match with our WFM requirements. The integration with our routing platform is seamless and was easy to set up. Not only at the outset, but on-going with new contact channels automatically appearing as and when built within our contact center platform – which is a real time saver.
Gary Finden, Hood Group

Explore our products

We live in a world of uncertainty. We help you bring it under control, and embrace it when you can't.
Predict your short-, mid-, and long-term workload with machine learning that is always up to date.
Creating the perfect schedule is hard. Deliver schedules your people love and your business needs.
Balance the requirements of your people with your business demands to create the best possible schedules.
Intraday Management
No two days are the same. Be prepared for the unexpected.
Adapt your schedules to unforeseen events in real time to meet your short-term business goals.
Time Off Management
Turn time-off management from a source of stress to a source of joy.
Foster a culture of fairness, trust, and transparency by automating and simplifying your time-off processes.
Time & Attendance
When every second counts, you can't afford to be almost right.
Automate time tracking, evaluate working hours, ensure compliance and accurate payroll.
Education Content
You can't grow your business without growing your people. Empower them to reach their fullest potential.
Run scalable education programs and ensure consistent learning results with interactive e-learning content.
Capacity Planning
Building capacity takes time. Plan strategically to grow your people and business.
Decide on recruitment, budget, and training strategies ahead of time to grow your business in the long run.
HR Management
Data management can be messy. Bring order to chaos.
Establish a trusted hub for all your people's data, integrating seamlessly with your existing systems and improving collaboration.

Empower your people today

It’s time to inspire your people to do outstanding work.

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