Workforce management software for contact center outsourcers

Deliver on your client commitments, empower your agents and minimize your costs, while enjoying efficient pay-per-use pricing.


WFM that’s a perfect fit with the BPO business model

1 to 1000s
of users
Scale your headcount up or down - instantly
or weeks, not months
Complete setup, configuration & training in record time
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Partner with the pioneer of pay-per-use cloud WFM

Why outsourcers choose injixo

injixo gives you everything you need for contact center workforce planning in a BPO environment - and more. It optimizes the balance between client commitments and respect for your agents, all while maximizing profitability.


Delight your clients

Optimized scheduling and advanced real-time management let you hit your contracted service goals, reduce client churn, and avoid penalties - even in a multi-platform environment.


Reduce expenses

Don’t pay for software you don’t use. injixo’s monthly pay-per-use pricing model means that you pay for the headcount you need to schedule - and no more.


Optimize efficiency

Sophisticated but easy-to-use workforce management functionality enables you to deliver against your clients’ requirements cost-effectively.


Maximize planning productivity

Easy integration, rapid setup, automation, and reporting capabilities take your planning productivity to the next level.


Engage and empower your agents

Your people are the face of your client’s brand - don’t burn them out. Efficient scheduling avoids understaffed periods, and self-service functions give agents a say in the planning process.

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injixo makes importing client forecasts a breeze. Need to create your own forecasts? injixo’s AI-based forecasting makes that easy, too.


Schedule a multi-skilled, multi-language, multi-site workforce quickly and easily. Fixed shifts, rotations, optimized schedules, self-scheduling - injixo has got you covered.

Intraday management

Track agent schedule adherence in real-time across multiple routing platforms - even without a data feed. Identify deviations from plan and take swift corrective action.

Agent engagement
Your agents are your brand. Empower them with self-service access to their schedules, shift swaps, time off, shift bidding, availability, and more - all on their smartphones.
ISO27001 certification and comprehensive protocols mean you can assure your clients of enterprise-grade security. And the injixo API makes client reporting a breeze.

BPOs that trust injixo WFM every day

Customer stories from the outsourcing world

injixo has all the functionality you need and more. And the pay-per-use pricing is a perfect fit with the outsourcing business model.

Damien EllamDDC oursourcing solutions
Workforce Manager

injixo automatically makes sure that both over- and under-staffing are avoided as much as possible, so that the desired service level can be achieved with maximum efficiency.

Sasha Windhauswebhelp
Workforce Manager

Olivier Pesce - mono
We earned the trust of our clients by effective call management and efficient scheduling. We've built lasting, high-quality partnerships with our clients.

Olivier Pesceterre-dappels (1)
Site Manager