I wholeheartedly recommend injixo. It’s easy to use - and it’s got everything you need for workforce management.
Sascha Windhaus Workforce Manager

About Webhelp


Webhelp is a global outsourced service provider, specializing in the interaction between companies and their customers via contact centers. One of the leading outsourcers in Europe, Webhelp employs more than 55,000 people in 140 locations across 35 countries. Sascha Windhaus is workforce manager at Webhelp in Dortmund. After his apprenticeship as an IT specialist, Sascha Windhaus entered the world of call centers, initially in technical support. He has specialized in workforce management since 2011 and is familiar with multiple WFM applications.

Challenges before using injixo

The WFM tool that Webhelp used before injixo was both over-complicated and lacking in functionality, Sascha reports. Forecasting was labor-intensive and inaccurate. Staffing requirements were calculated for the day of the week with the highest demand, and the rest of the week was calculated pro-rata. Scheduling was done on a weekly basis, and the schedules were not well aligned with demand.

In addition, it was not possible to get a clear picture of live customer calls and other contacts as they were received and processed. It was necessary to import data into an Excel spreadsheet. This was not only time-consuming, but it also made it impossible to truly manage in real-time.

“Our previous solution no longer met our requirements. We looked at many options and ultimately chose injixo because the software best matched our needs.”

The injixo journey

The decision to use injixo was made back in 2011, the year that injixo was launched as the world’s first cloud WFM application for contact centers. Since then, Webhelp has used all of injixo’s functionality to great effect.

Webhelp is an outsourcer with multiple clients, each with different customer demographics, service goals, product skills, and contact channels. It is vital for Webhelp to be able to configure its WFM application taking into account all relevant client-specific planning parameters. These include agent contracts, agent availabilities, agent skills, scheduling models, contact channels, etc. Once these properties are stored in injixo, they are consistently taken into account every time schedules are built. This ensures that rule violations are avoided and also promotes employee satisfaction.

With injixo, Wehhelp creates optimized schedules that are tightly aligned with customer demand, virtually at the push of a button. What’s more, injixo’s multi-skill scheduling functionality allows Webhelp to derive maximum efficiency from its multi-skilled workforce.

“Once you get injixo set up correctly, it really helps you to do your job. And when you understand how it’s structured, it’s very easy to use. You sometimes have to manually adjust a few small things, but 90 percent of the time, forecasting and scheduling is completely automatic. That makes the job a lot easier.”

Sascha gets great value from the real-time management functions of injixo. He’s always got up-to-date visibility of planned vs. actual for all key metrics, such as incoming contact volume and AHT, forecast accuracy, and over- or under-staffing.

“injixo’s reporting options and dashboards are my favorite features. They automatically read values and display them graphically in an easy-to-read form. Best of all, you are seeing a live picture, which is really valuable. You don’t have to wait for new reports to be pulled and you don’t have to rely on other departments for reports and analysis.”

Value and achievements

injixo has dramatically boosted Webhelp’s WFM outcomes. Agents are consistently scheduled optimally around the workloads of each client, so Webhelp can provide the best possible service to clients and their customers at all times, while maximizing efficiency. Planners constantly have target vs. actual comparisons for all key performance indicators at their fingertips, and they can readjust on the fly in case of deviations from plan.

“injixo automatically makes sure that both over- and under-staffing are avoided as much as possible, so that the desired service level can be achieved with maximum efficiency. Of course, you still need to keep an eye on performance metrics and take corrective action, but injixo does most of the work for you. It’s designed to optimize the whole setup.”

Sascha is a seasoned workforce planner and before joining Webhelp, he already had experience with other WFM tools. Sascha knows what WFM software can do. He knows how to use its powerful features to get the most value for his employer - and to maximize his job performance. injixo is the most impressive WFM system he’s seen so far.

“I wholeheartedly recommend injixo. It’s easy to use - and it’s got everything you need for workforce management.”

We are delighted that Sascha is a satisfied injixo customer and we are proud to have Webhelp as a loyal customer. We look forward to many more years as Webhelp’s WFM partner.

Sascha is happy to answer questions about his experiences with injixo, or just to exchange ideas with other WFM enthusiasts. You can connect to him on XING.

injixo was created for contact centers of all sizes, both in-house and outsourced. It does have features and a pay-per-use pricing model that are particularly attractive to outsourcers.

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