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Save the day with better real-time adherence

Start with the right solution to get your day on track. Monitor the metrics that matter. Act on smarter insights. injixo is real-time adherence made easy.

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Save the day with better real-time adherence

“With easy-to-use ‘real-time’ adherence, we have been able to reduce our budgeted FTE and achieve our service level every month.”

Fine-tune your performance

Connect your plan to reality with injixo Adherence.

Focus on what matters

Focus on what matters

Your KPIs quantify your success. Your employees achieve it. Get a transparent view into how your employees perform in real-time and historically. injixo makes valuable insights easy to see— including adherence rates and employee activities.

Take action on your insights

Turn insights into action

Act on your insights. You forecast how to achieve your service level goals. But when your day starts to deviate from your plan, injixo will figure out why. With injixo, you have the power to:

  • Adjust activities in real-time
  • Identify patterns and behaviors that need accommodation, coaching, training or investigation
  • Meet your customer demand
Less interface, more face-to-face

Less interface, more face-to-face

Turn insights into real employee feedback. Within a glance, you’ll learn how your individual employees perform. Spend less time staring at a screen. Devote more time to meaningful interactions with your team. Keep your employees happy. Make your customers happier.


Powerful, real-time integrations

injixo connects to most real-time integrations. Get real, real-time insights from your agent state data. From Cisco to Five9, injixo has many native integrations, too. Ready to deliver game-changing intraday management?

Other features
injixo Me

Your employee empowerment portal

Lack a real-time integration? No problem. Use injixo Me to log activities. injixo Me is a self-service employee portal that works on any device. Employees can see scheduled activities, record activities, request time-off and more. Anywhere. Anytime.

Other features

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