Powerful Intraday Management Dashboard

injixo WFM enables efficient and targeted intraday management operations in the contact center by monitoring all key variables that affect performance, such as offered contacts, staffing levels, forecast variance, over- and under- staffing and much more. Hit your service level targets everytime.

Stay Ahead of the Game

injixo WFM includes powerful tools for monitoring. It gives contact center planners and workforce managers an always up-to-date overview of the state of play. Users can continuously monitor all relevant metrics, then proactively take corrective action to prevent over- or under-staffing situations.

Easy Monitoring

Easily monitor all key variables that affect service level, abandonment rate and ASA (Average Speed of Answer), including AHT (Average Handle Times), offered contact volumes and staffing levels. injixo WFM enables quick, easy and informed intraday management in the contact center.

Immediate, Meaningful Feedback

Stay informed with a constantly updated dashboard showing how actual compares to plan. Obtain all relevant metrics for any queue derived from external systems such as ACDs and from injixo forecasting, including the staffing that has been assigned in injixo WFM.

Reduced Task Complexity

With injixo, there is no need to export data from different sources to clunky spreadsheets just to get a graphical visualization. Manual calculations are not required. Once your queues are in place, injixo WFM automatically analyses and presents them for you.

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