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Your optimal schedule. Every single day.

Don’t settle for an inefficient schedule that leaves you with headaches due to staffing gaps, unmet performance goals and unhappy agents. Create fully optimized schedules your agents will love and your customers deserve. Meet service level consistently with significantly less time, effort and cost.

Your optimal schedule. Every single day.

Thanks to injixo, we can create better schedules in less time! In our prior WFM tool, we experienced a lot of manual tasks and processes when scheduling. Using injixo’s automation capabilities, we are now able to minimize manual work and save time every day.

99 problems but scheduling ain't one

Contact center scheduling can be one of the most complex and tedious tasks in workforce management, but it doesn't need to be. injixo takes care of your entire staff scheduling process from start to finish. Our automatic, optimized, and rule-compliant scheduling technology does the job. Create optimal schedules and meet service levels consistently with significantly less time and effort.

Flexible schedules
Planning scenarios
Smart planning

Flexible schedules to boost productivity.

Flexible schedules

Standard schedules based on fixed shift patterns can lead to inefficiencies in performance and affect agent productivity over time. With injixo, you can use and combine diversified scheduling options to create flexible schedules in an instant.

  • Use different scheduling methods to create fixed, rotating or fully flexible shifts to fit your strategy. Your agents will be grateful about more variety in their work schedule.
  • Discover new options to customize schedules: Build shift sequences and set availability as well as absence quotas to reduce planning effort without compromising on flexibility.

Scalable planning options and scenarios.

Planning scenarios

When the business grows, scheduling becomes more sophisticated. Service expectations rise, and organizational structures get more complex. As a modern cloud-based SaaS solution, injixo is there to accommodate your scheduling demands now and in the future. Here’s how:

  • Manage schedules for multiple sites in one central place. Design schedules that consider different time zones, multiple locations, and a remote workforce.
  • Don’t worry about compliance. You can easily create rule-compliant schedules. These can always adhere to legal and contractual terms as well as agreements with individual sites and employees.

A smarter way to plan.

Smart planning

Depending on the environment you’re in, shift planning can become almost impossible to manage without the right tool to support you. Explore an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes even highly advanced scheduling a breeze.

  • Don’t get frustrated with complicated software. With injixo you can easily view and modify schedules using drag-and-drop in our powerful shift center.
  • Quickly identify how your schedules are performing. Clever heatmap technology lets you compare staffing requirements with actual coverage. Now, you can reach your service level anytime.

The best service across channels.

  • Ensure your customers are cared for no matter the channel they use. multi-channel scheduling enables you to provide excellent service via phone, email, web chat, social media and more.
  • Increase planning flexibility and reduce idle time with multi-skill and -activity configurations. Assign multiple activities and varying skill levels to your agents to maximize productivity.

Schedules that everyone loves.

  • Empower your agents to have a say in shift planning. With injixo, you can let agents bid on and swap shifts. Agents can also manage their absence requests with transparency.
  • Planners stay in control of the scheduling process by accepting and rejecting shift changes. Allowing others to view schedules increases alignment. It also enables your contact center to make informed business decisions.

High efficiency at lower cost.

  • Increase schedule efficiency and meet service levels more consistently with demand-oriented and fully optimized scheduling.
  • Reduce costs and increase profits by minimizing over- and understaffing sustainably.

Everything you need for the perfect schedule

Multichannel & skill


Diverse scheduling scenarios and shift patterns

Break & job optimization

Meeting planner

Vacation/absence management

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Our customers schedule more than 350k agents worldwide - with great success:

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”By implementing injixo, our planning effort has been reduced considerably: Building rosters used to take us up to one week per geographic cell – now, it’s only 15 minutes. The injixo WFM solution enables us to schedule our employees in an effective and optimised manner, taking into account the flexibility of our colleagues while guaranteeing that all the work/life balance fairness rules are respected. Scheduling our colleagues more effectively has resulted in a reduction of outsourcing to third parties and we estimate that this is saving us over £1million per year.”

A powerful WFM solution with features you can rely on

injixo covers your entire call center workforce management process from start to finish.

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