I’ve told everyone: Get injixo. It is going to save you time, it is going to save you wages, it is going to save you everything.
Stephanie McDowall Operations Manager



CrestaCars is Manchester’s number one private hire taxi company. Established for over 40 years, the company offers customers the city’s largest fleet of private hire cars and minibuses including wheelchair access vehicles. Stephanie joined CrestaCars in 2013 and is currently responsible for coordinating the customer service team. She has proven experience of staff development and training, process implementation and policy reviews in a variety of call center and HR practices.

Challenges before injixo

When Stephanie took over responsibility for CrestaCars’ service team, she was handed over an excel spreadsheet for a 24-hours, 7-days a week taxi call center. Customer calls were coming through consistently, and she had 30 staff to plan. It took her roughly a period of three weeks time to do a one-month roster. As soon as she had finished one, she had to start the planning for the next month. Scheduling was taking most of her time and she couldn’t focus on anything else.

“This was so time-consuming, and I wanted to know, how can I make this better? I’ve googled for scheduling tools and companies and was a bit lost. My husband was actually working for DogsTrust who have the injixo solution in place. He was showing me his roster and it was so easy to follow, just to log in to know what shift he was working.”

Besides time-consuming planning processes, she also didn’t have access to proper data. It was impossible for her to evaluate if the schedules she had set up were covering all the incoming calls, if agent capacity was efficiently utilised or if people were completely overloaded with work.

“We wanted to know how many calls were taken, how many calls were missed, and if we did have the people in the right places at the right time. The data was so disjuncted, I couldn’t read it properly. Everytime I tried to make a bit of adjustment, it wasn’t quite right.”

The injixo journey

After having seen her husband’s roster in injixo, she just put in an inquiry on the injixo website and had a product demo with an injixo expert. After that, she was convinced that injixo is the perfect solution for coping with all her challenges. It covered everything she needed and addressed her challenges. Additionally, it seemed that injixo would free her from the unloved excel spreadsheets.

The implementation of injixo at CrestaCars and the onboarding process was accompanied by a dedicated consultant. The onboarding package, which comes with all the necessary resources covering everything users need to know about general workforce management principles and best practices, helped Stephanie to get her to speed quickly.

“There is so much content in terms of the training videos and things like that. And it’s great to speak to my injixo CSM over the phone. Anytime I’ve got a question I speak to him straight away.”

While discovering all the functionalities in injixo, she was delighted by the feature scope of the cloud-based solution which comes with powerful optimization and automation capabilities. injixo enabled Stephanie and her service team to become more efficient in their daily business while being able to optimize performance based on meaningful data.

“With injixo now, setting up a one-month roster takes me half-a-day. Formerly, it took me three weeks. When the schedules are done, I just pass them out to the agents, and it is easy as that.”

Value and achievements

With the newly gained ease of scheduling the agents, Stephanie now has the time to focus on other areas and to manage all the business that she needs to do as well.

“My time is obviously better spent. I can read all relevant data properly and implement changes better. injixo basically freed up my time, like easily by 90 percent.”

Another massive win for CrestaCars’ service team is the injixo Me portal that gives agents easy access to the relevant, personal information about their schedule. It enables them to simply check and maintain their work schedules on desktop computers or even on their smartphones.

“Our agents can see in advance when they are working, and they can see breaks, because they are scheduled. It is very easy for them to do shift swaps and request holidays themselves rather than waiting to speak to a manager. Everything is on hand and very easy for them to do.”

Last but not least, the company was able to reduce its headcount in the call center from 30 to 23 FTEs. These employees were not dismissed but left the company within customary staff turnover, which is quite common in the call center industry.

“In terms of salaries, we had a huge reduction because now we are utilising people in better places. With the natural turnover we’ve had, we’ve actually had not to replace anyone. So we’ve gone from 30 staff down to 23 without the need of replacing the seven members of staff.”

All in all, Stephanie and her team are very happy injixo users, and everytime she has the chance to recommend injixo to peers and colleagues from other call centers or taxi companies she is enthusiastically sharing her experiences.

“Everyone is in the same boat, especially in my industry. They are all doing a manual job in terms of planning and I’ve told everyone: Get injixo. It is going to save you time, it is going to save you wages, it is going to save you everything.”

We’re honoured to have Stephanie and her company CrestaCars as a loyal injixo customer and look forward to many more years as CrestaCars’ WFM partner.

Stephanie has volunteered to be contacted if you have any questions about her injixo journey or if you’d simply like to exchange experiences. Check out her LinkedIn profile and get connected.

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