We compared the price and functionality of lots of WFM tools and injixo stood out for value-for-money. injixo is a massive win for us.
Rebecca Waterson Planning & MI Manager



Rebecca is an enthusiastic injixo user who works as a Planning & MI Manager at Specsavers, a British multinational optical retail chain. The company is the market leader for optician services in its home country and operates on a global scale by running more than 1,500 stores worldwide. Rebecca has been with Specsavers since 2011 and knows the business inside out. She is responsible for workforce planning and business process improvement at the company’s in-house call center operation, which employs 120 agents.

Challenges before injixo

In her role as Planning Manager, Rebecca encountered challenges around staffing and agent involvement in the scheduling process. She wanted to establish consistency in shift planning, holiday booking and shift swaps while increasing fairness. It was important to her and her team to design a workforce management approach around their most valuable asset - their employees. Naturally, she also aimed to optimize internal processes to maximize business and customer value. So they started to look for a tool that covered both: powerful features to streamline internal processes efficiently but also involve employees in the planning process. Value for money was a key differentiating factor in comparison to other systems on the market.

“We compared the price and functionality of lots of WFM tools and injixo stood out for value-for-money. injixo is a massive win for us.”

The injixo journey

The implementation and onboarding went smoothly. Rebecca and her team quickly got used to working with the software. The ease of use, as well as the personal support of the injixo team, allowed them to get fully operational in a short period of time. Rebecca was impressed with the reporting and analysis functionalities of the tool. By reducing the effort spent on operational tasks, she was even more enabled to sharpen her focus on more strategic issues.

“Having a system like injixo gives you the day-to-day information you need to speak about changes you need to improve the operation, even if that means that you might need more people. It helps you to demonstrate your proposals with facts and figures. It’s a big thing for us.”

Value and achievements

One of the major achievements that Rebecca and her team got from the tool was the increase in employee morale and satisfaction. People became more motivated by having a say in the scheduling process while managing their shifts.

“Our agents love the injixo ME portal. Self-management is better for them and it takes away the need for the planning team to be viewed as the decision makers around holidays and shift swaps. Instead, they are managing their own day and they are using their own schedules. That has been brilliant for them.”

injixo also supported the planning team to be more flexible in shift planning due to its extensive schedule optimization capabilities. This has opened up new opportunities to increase the productivity and operational efficiency of their call centre operations.

We’re honoured to have Rebecca and her company Specsavers as a loyal injixo customer and look forward to many more years as their partner in WFM.

Rebecca has volunteered to be contacted if you have any questions about her injixo journey or if you’d simply like to exchange experiences. Check out her LinkedIn profile and get connected.

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