Everything was clustered in different Excel sheets, making it very hard to understand if we had the right number of people for the workload.
Kevin Markus WFM Team Leader


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Kevin Markus is WFM Team Leader at GGN. Kevin is a seasoned contact center WFM professional. He started his contact center career in 2009 and has 8 years of planning experience.

GGN is a debt collection company based in the Netherlands, with a workforce of approximately 500 employees. GGN acts on behalf of diverse organizations including financial services, retail, telecoms, and government, in the Netherlands and beyond. It specializes in socially responsible debt collection and holds a MOV certificate, which signifies its commitment to social responsibility. GGN strives not only to collect debts but also to provide assistance and advice to customers to prevent further debt and find long-term solutions that benefit both parties.

Challenges before injixo

GGN faced multiple challenges around staff planning. These included a lack of visibility into available hours and shrinkage, decentralized planning, limited reporting capabilities, absence of forecasting and capacity planning, and difficulties in collecting data from GGN’s existing systems for planning purposes.

“Everything was clustered in different Excel sheets, making it very hard to understand if we had the right number of people for the workload”

The injixo journey

GGN thoroughly researched the WFM software market and evaluated several applications. The selection criteria were based on the challenges that GGN already faced and in addition, GGN wanted a system that could be scaled up and down based on business volumes, making it easier to manage the cost of the WFM tool. GGN finally selected injixo.

Value and achievements

The deployment of injixo brought about numerous advantages for GGN, including:

Better overview of available hours and shrinkage

injixo provided GGN with a comprehensive overview of available hours and shrinkage across their contact centers, enabling them to identify areas of improvement and take strategic and tactical actions to decrease shrinkage levels. This led to improved resource utilization and cost savings.

“We now schedule our bailiffs with injixo, so we’re getting the same benefits inside and outside the contact center.”

Centralized planning

injixo allows GGN to centralize its planning process, eliminating the need for manual coordination and providing a single source of truth for all workforce-related information.

Integration efficiencies

GGN appreciates how easy it was to integrate with GGN’s existing systems, including 3CX and Salesforce. This allowed GGN to seamlessly connect its workforce management processes with its telephony and CRM systems, eliminating time-consuming manual data transfer, streamlining operations, and improving efficiency.

Improved schedule adherence

The integration between injixo, 3CX, and Salesforce has enabled accurate schedule adherence monitoring and reporting. This has helped GGN to reduce shrinkage levels and improve efficiency.

“Schedule adherence - a huge improvement.”

Management insights

injixo’s robust reporting capabilities enable GGN’s planning team to generate customized reports and gain insights into its workforce performance. This helps GGN to make data-driven decisions and optimize its workforce operations.

Cloud-based data storage

This ensures that planning data is securely stored and accessible from anywhere, facilitating remote work and collaboration without creating security and privacy concerns.

The future

Debt collection is mainly about making outbound contact. Although GGN was not forecasting inbound contacts at the time of the case study, injixo’s AI-based forecasting tools were identified as offering a worthwhile extension to GGN’s workforce management strategy. The ability to forecast inbound workload and resource requirements is expected further enhance GGN’s planning and scheduling accuracy.


GGN’s implementation of injixo has resulted in significant improvements in its workforce planning and optimization processes. The solution has provided GGN with better visibility into available hours and shrinkage, centralized planning, added robust reporting capabilities, and the potential for future forecasting optimization. The integration with GGN’s existing systems has further enhanced their operations, making injixo a valuable tool in GGN’s debt collection operations, supporting their commitment to socially responsible practices, and delivering tailored assistance to their customers for long-term debt solutions.

We’re honored to have GGN as a loyal injixo customer and look forward to many years of partnership. Kevin has volunteered to be contacted if you have any questions about his injixo journey or simply like to exchange experience. Check out his LinkedIn profile and get connected.

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