There was no value in looking for another solution because injixo is really cost-effective, scalable, easy-to-use, and that was perfect for what we wanted to do.
Timothy Milburn Planning Manager



Tim is an experienced WFM professional with a proven track record in contact center planning within the financial services and telecommunications industry. He currently works as the Planning Manager at emovis, a leading service delivery and technology arm of Abertis with more than 500 employees across 7 countries. The company operates globally for all electronic tolling and smart mobility solutions.

Tim is proficient in workforce management and has profound experience in forecasting, scheduling, real-time and change management. He has been implementing and working with several WFM methodologies and planning tools in a fast-paced, dynamic and growing omnichannel environment.

Challenges before injixo

Before partnering with us and becoming an injixo customer, Tim was confronted with challenges in reporting, performance monitoring and back-office planning.

"A brand new emovis operations center was created and injixo was selected to provide our WFM capabilities. There are many challenges facing a new operation, so we needed a solution that was quick to learn, simple to use and effective in delivering our WFM needs."

Having worked with several WFM applications before, Tim was keen on knowing what a great tool should deliver. The company was looking to acquire a quality solution that was both easy-to-use and powerful to best meet business needs.

“There was no value in looking for another solution because injixo is really cost-effective, scalable, easy-to-use, and that was perfect for what we wanted to do.”

Another key aspect of making the decision to go with injixo was the quick and easy onboarding process. After sign-up, Tim and his team were able to immediately access the application and configure their setup to get operational. The injixo team supported him throughout the process and was highly committed to enabling a quick time-to-value for the business.

“It was quite a relief, actually, to find a straightforward, easy-to-use system, ready to go. It is so easy to use, anybody can watch the videos, go to the knowledge base, ask the experts. Within a matter of days you can become a confident user of the system.”

The injixo journey

Tim attributes his positive onboarding experience to “the ease of learning all the different elements of injixo” with the help of online tutorials and self-service material. Especially injixo Help Center - an extensive knowledge base for injixo users, which contains manuals, best practices and videos - provided a solid foundation for the planning team to get started. Besides that, he was impressed by the extraordinary support of the injixo team who “were on hand to help us every step of the way if we needed them”.

After implementation, Tim was delighted by the feature scope of the software which comes with powerful optimization and automation capabilities. The tool empowered Tim and his team to become more efficient in their daily business while keeping performance at a high level.

“A lot of the manual tasks that were previously done, like forecasting, are now much more automated. That frees up my time to spend more time analyzing information. That enables me to help the operational managers manage their people better.”

In particular, Tim reported that unnecessary manual effort, time-consuming and repetitive tasks, as well as efficiency gaps in the forecasting process were reduced to a minimum.

“The impressive ‘Forecast’ functionality took all the manual legwork out of the forecasting process saving me several hours a month. What was impressive was injixo very quickly learned the call and distribution patterns, so we were immediately receiving accurate forecasts despite having no previous call history.”

Value and achievements

One of emovis’ biggest achievements from using injixo is a massively positive effect on forecast accuracy.

“Previously to having the other forecast functionality, our forecast was probably plus or minus 15% accurate. Now we are running at 4% on a consistent basis. That enabled us to show that we can meet the customer demand more effectively because we got robust forecasts, and the schedules that we then apply to those forecasts are far better for the customer.”

By increasing forecast accuracy, Tim and his team were able to reduce the number of their originally budgeted FTEs. Furthermore, they achieved their service level consistently every month since sign-up!

“The accurate forecasts provided a solid platform to design and build the foundations for fully flexible schedules. The powerful optimization capabilities worked hand in hand with the set shifts to ensure optimal coverage across our operating hours. With accurate forecasts, comprehensive scheduling options and an easy to use ‘real time’ adherence monitor we have been able to reduce our original budgeted FTE and achieved our service levels every month since the operation began.”

Besides improving operational efficiency, Tim also emphasized the cost perspective:

“The cost savings was a quarter of a million pounds a year. So that is a significant sum. That is effectively 12% of our budget. That was a significant benefit.”

More accurate and demand-oriented planning eventually resulted in a much better allocation of resources, higher engagement among employees and lower attrition. The company was able to redistribute staff from other parts of the business due to more efficient schedules.

“We got more effective schedules and that just helps us to redeploy this staff into areas we really do need them. We multi-skill them and that helps us to reduce attrition rates because people are more engaged, people get more interesting roles and we can reduce our attrition that obviously reduces our recruitment costs as well.”

With regard to employee engagement, Tim also stated that their agents simply love injixo! It gives them the right degree of flexibility and more involvement in the scheduling process. They can access and check their schedule from their smartphone, bid and swap shifts and make vacation requests easily.

All in all, Tim is a proud injixo user and true evangelist of the tool. He has talked about his injixo WFM Journey at emovis at PlanCon 2018 in London.

We’re honoured to have Tim and emovis as a loyal injixo customer and partner and look forward to many years to come.

Tim has volunteered to be contacted if you have any questions about his injixo journey or simply like to exchange experience. Check out his LinkedIn profile and get connected.

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