The First Workforce Management Solution You'll Love

Say “goodbye” to manual work, tedious spreadsheets and complicated software. Say “hello” to a smart WFM solution that makes your life easier, your contact center better and your customers happier.

The First Workforce Management Solution You'll Love
We promise

Things you’ll love about our WFM solution for call centers

Easy to use. Support when you need it.

Instead of feeling frustrated with a WFM solution that just adds to your workload, try one that makes planning a breeze.

injixo is an extraordinarily user-friendly and easy-to-navigate WFM solution for call centers. It is designed to save you money, time, and stress - while empowering you to do more with less.

The best support. Local, personal, friendly.

Instead of waiting in line to get support, be delighted with real customer care that deserves the name.

Our support team and smart self-service options provide you with excellent onboarding, training, and advice to help you in your daily work with injixo.

Powerful WFM features to empower you.

Instead of dealing with an inefficient workforce management process, you can automate and optimize your WFM from start to finish.

injixo provides everything you need to take your WFM to a whole new level. Close efficiency gaps and maximize your performance with powerful features and automation capabilities fueled by AI.

Developed with all your stakeholders in mind.

Instead of getting caught in the middle, get aligned on multiple levels to meet both strategic and operational goals effectively.

Great workforce management involves juggling the interests of your stakeholders - from management, to operations, and team members. With our WFM solution, you'll meet performance goals, increase planning efficiency, and make employees happy.

Built and priced for flexibility.

Instead of feeling trapped with legacy on-premise systems or hybrid tools, embrace the power of pure cloud technology.

injixo is a true software-as-a-service tool, which means you'll always benefit from the latest version at a price that fits your business. And when your business grows, you can always upgrade based on your needs.

We commit

A powerful WFM solution with features you can rely on

injixo covers your entire call center workforce management process from start to finish.

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We embrace

All your needs covered in one WFM solution

Each member of your WFM team has unique challenges. injixo supports them all. No matter your role and the nature of your contact center - we’ve got you covered.

Contact Center Manager

injixo supports you in achieving business objectives at lower cost and higher efficiency.

Workforce Manager / Planner

injixo enables you to maximize forecast accuracy and scheduling efficiency to hit your service level target.

Team leader

injixo helps you to empower your customer service team, monitor schedule adherence, manage shifts and increase agent satisfaction.

IT Operations Manager

injixo makes it easy for you to set up and integrate the software in your IT environment in no time without worrying about security issues and maintenance.

We ❤ WFM

Trusted by contact centers worldwide

Since 1995 we are passionate about supporting our customers on their path to success. Our specialization in contact center WFM led us to be the pioneer in both cloud solutions and employee satisfaction. And we won’t break this stride.

Facts we are proud of


people work every day to deliver you the best WFM solution on the market


employees planned worldwide in 33 countries


cost savings reported by customers


reduction in planning effort reported by customers


reduction in call abandonment reported by customers

Call centers love our WFM solution

  • User friendly, amazing customer support

    I love the injixo platform. It is extremely user friendly, and the support that we have received has been amazing.

    Ashley Glovas
    Ashley Glovas Central Reservation WFM Intraday Analyst Tyme Global Technologies
  • Team empowerment with less effort

    With injixo, a single planning specialist can analyze and create forecasts in less than an hour. That’s an eightfold reduction in effort. And we can already see the accuracy and power of injixo’s automatic forecasting. We’re getting fewer questions about our numbers, reflecting an improved perception of the planning team by operations. The team are more confident. The team feel enabled to drive better outcomes. And we’ve enjoyed support from injixo at every step.

    Layne Edwards
    Layne Edwards Forecasting & Planning Manager Jet2
  • Empower agents & team leaders

    injixo improved our team members engagement levels. Team leaders no longer have to struggle as injixo forecast is accurate and the optimization does the hard work for them. injixo has literally changed our world!!

    Stacie Babb
    Stacie Babb Contact Center Manager / Head of Planning Hollywood Bowl Group
  • Easy to learn, simple to use

    Simple to use and effective. With accurate forecasts, comprehensive scheduling and an easy to use ‘real-time’ adherence monitor we have been able to reduce our budgeted FTE and achieved our SL every month.

    Tim Milburn
    Tim Milburn Workforce Manager / Head of Planning emovis
  • A higher level of product support

    In my career, I've worked with a lot of vendors... injixo has one of the best and most attentive support networks I've ever worked with. We all know, at times, support effectiveness can fluctuate with organizational growth, but injixo continues to support their product at a high level. It builds my confidence in their product. The new features being added are also exciting and something to look forward to as a WFM professional.

    Paul Gerads
    Paul Gerads Workforce Performance Specialist Gate City Bank
  • Quick ROI, considerable improvement in staffing

    The improvement in staff hours being delivered to front line services had been so good that the product had paid for itself within the first 4 months of usage.

    Gregory Feeney
    Gregory Feeney Workforce Manager / Head of Planning AXA Ireland
  • Happy agents, happy customers, happy end

    With injixo we've achieved a 98% call answer rate and maintained a 95% service level, while at the same time reducing headcount through natural staff turnover. Plus, my employees are happier, they see their rotas in advance and have the ability to swap shifts easily.

    Stephanie McDowall
    Stephanie McDowall Operations Manager Cresta Cars Manchester Ltd
  • Excellent and personal customer care at all times

    I love the injixo team's flexibility, agility, and intense customer focus. Every time I have any question they not only are Johnny-on-the-spot, but go way past above and beyond to make sure I am cared for.

    Lucas Davidson
    Lucas Davidson Workforce Manager / Head of Planning CCI Systems
  • Real hands-on support and commitment

    The injixo team is highly committed to delivering on what they promise. They have proven numerous times how passionate they are on providing optimal customer experience by dedicating time, effort and determination to fix issues, give advice and provide hands-on support that went beyond and above my expectations.

    Wayne Russell
    Wayne Russell Planning Manager Love Holidays
“We ended up saving the business about 250k pounds. It took us 6 months to deliver that ROI.”

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