London, UK, May 9th, 2023

Tructyre improves service level, schedule adherence, employee engagement and operational efficiency by implementing injixo WFM

InVision Software is proud to reveal the achievements that its customer Tructyre has gained by implementing injixo.

Tructyre specializes in tyre sales and maintenance services for commercial vehicles. Its value proposition is “de-risking Britain’s fleets”, saving haulage firms money, increasing vehicle uptime, and optimizing tyre mileage and fuel consumption. Based in Gateshead in the North East of England, Tructyre’s Customer Experience Center (CEC) handles calls, emails, and job tickets. There is also a back office operation, processing documents such as invoices. Tructyre is a 24/7/365 operation.

Jonathan O’Connor is the Resource Planning Manager at Tructyre. He is a seasoned workforce planner and planning leader with experience in the energy, telecommunications, leisure, transportation and finance sectors.

From being established in 2019, the Tructyre CEC experienced strong growth. But by late 2021, it was facing challenges. Service level achievement was inconsistent. Customers frequently experienced long waits and agents were often burned out. Forecasts were inaccurate and out-of-date. Agents worked fixed rotations which didn’t always match the peaks and valleys in customer demand. Team leaders managed breaks and time off without considering the impact on coverage of demand. And there was little visibility of schedule adherence within the front or back office.

Tructyre selected injixo because it offers comprehensive WFM functionality backed up by a proven onboarding process that delivers value very quickly. Jonathan was also impressed by the reputation of the injixo team for knowledge of both their system and industry best practices. Another factor in favour of injixo is its support for front and back-office planning, including a time recording feature to track the activities of employees who are not logged into the ACD.

The first thing that Jonathan tackled was forecasting, deploying the AI-based forecasting engine of injixo. Then he implemented new shift patterns to better match demand from customers with the supply of employees. To take the agents with him on this journey, he factored in the availability of individual staff members. Now fixed shifts were replaced with shifts optimized around demand while respecting the employees’ preferences as far as possible. Instead of taking place at random, breaks were now scheduled in advance at the optimum time to minimize the impact on service level.

Tructyre has achieved impressive results with injixo. The percentage of calls answered (PCA) improved by 26% within 5 weeks. Schedule adherence improved by 14% over the same period. PCA, SL and adherence were brought in line with targets. The backlog in the invoicing section was reduced by 20% within 2 months with a corresponding improvement in cash flow. As a result of greater schedule efficiency, the FTE count was reduced by 2% and a further 2% saving is anticipated

Jonathan reports “Within 5 weeks, service level improved by 32%. We’ve reduced operating costs. And our employees love self-service for time off and shift swaps on their smartphones”. The journey that Jonathan has taken with injixo and the results that he has achieved have led him to win the Planning Manager of the Year award from The Forum.

We’re honored to have Jonathan and Tructyre as injixo customers and look forward to many more years of collaboration. Read Tructyre’s full story.