It has been a pleasure working with the injixo team. The product functionality and the speed, ease, and quality of onboarding exceeded our expectations.
Jéroen Beutels WFM Lead



Jéroen Beutels is WFM Lead at CXL. His career in customer service and contact centers goes back to 2012 and he has worked in various industries including telecommunications, automotive, finance, and retail. For several years, he has specialized in workforce management (WFM) and has power-user-level familiarity with several well-known WFM software products.

CXL is an innovative contact center BPO (outsourcer) with headquarters in Belgium. CXL empowers companies to excel in the digital age by transforming customer engagement. It provides advanced analytics and hands-on experimentation to help businesses connect with their audience and enhance interactions at every touchpoint. CXL’s industry experts deliver actionable insights and strategies, enabling its clients to stay ahead of trends and outperform their competitors. Businesses looking to deepen customer relationships or maintain a leading position choose CXL as their partner in achieving superior performance and sustained success. CXL has sites in Sint-Truiden, Liège, and Antwerp, as well as in Sofia, Bulgaria.

CXL’s core business is high-end customer contact management. A leader in BPO innovation, CXL’s unique proposition is the combination of automation, bot development, automated contact analytics, and live customer service of the highest quality.

Challenges before injixo

For several years, CXL used the Verint WFM system, a well-known large vendor in the sector. Over time, CXL experienced more and more frustrations with this system. 

CXL operates a sophisticated multi-client, multi-skill, omnichannel setup, serving customers in multiple languages. Individual agents speak between one to four languages and may be proficient in spoken form, written form, or both, with varying proficiency levels. The previous WFM system struggled to manage this complex environment with a negative impact on service level achievement. It also required high manual effort on the part of the WFM team.

In Belgium, there are rules that determine when lunch breaks must be taken relative to the start of shifts. The previous software was unable to optimize the timing of lunch breaks around demand while respecting the lunch break rules. Moreover, access management was over-complex and CXL was not convinced that the vendor was investing sufficient effort in enhancing its product.

In general, CXL found the previous software labor-intensive to use. To cope with this, they had dedicated planners each responsible for a different part of the WFM cycle: long-range forecasting, scheduling, and intraday ‘traffic’ management. The WFM users at CXL found themselves spending too much time managing the software instead of improving outcomes for customers, employees, and the business. Eventually, the frustrations led CXL to search for an alternative WFM system. After extensive research, CXL selected injixo.

Introducing injixo

Given the frustrations with the previous software, CXL had some very clear requirements for a replacement WFM system:

  • Support for the complex multi-client, multi-skill, omnichannel setup
  • Sophisticated schedule optimization algorithms that take into account all the relevant constraints
  • Ease of use, consistent user interface, and simple navigation
  • Out-of-the-box integration functionality enabling integrations to be set up by end-users without specialist assistance
  • Applications programming interface (API) for reporting
  • All-round WFM functionality that matches or exceeds that of the previous system
  • Ability to import client data, e.g. using CSV files
  • Support from a team of accessible, knowledgeable experts
  • Pay-per-use pricing to align software expenses with client revenues

injixo complied with all of CXL’s requirements and more.

The injixo journey

Once CXL decided to proceed with injixo, the planning team worked closely with injixo’s consultants to create a migration plan. Based on industry best practice, the combined team decided to migrate clients to injixo in phases. The project progressed without a hitch and, rarely for an IT project, it was completed ahead of schedule.

“We gave ourselves a year to migrate but ended up doing it in 5 months”– Jéroen Beutels

Several aspects of injixo made this possible. injixo is a cloud application that can be accessed with any browser, so IT effort was minimal. Integration with the contact routing platform is an end-user task that can be completed with a few clicks.

"Setting up the integration with Genesys took 10 minutes!" Jéroen Beutels

injixo comes with online training materials and a comprehensive online help center. These powerful tools are a boon both during onboarding and after go-live. injixo’s consultants are experienced planners with many years of first-hand experience, so knowledge transfer was quick and effective.

Value and achievements

The WFM process at CXL has been transformed by the implementation of injixo. The frustrations around multi-skill scheduling are gone, enabling CXL to plan its multi-client, multi-skill, omnichannel operation with complete effectiveness. That is paying dividends in business efficiency, customer satisfaction, and employee experience.

KPIs and other key metrics are now much more visible and controllable. The previous WFM system made it difficult to get accurate measurements of live metrics such as under/over FTE coverage. Performance monitoring and tracking is a key area. With injixo, CXL can handle multiple campaigns with diverse contractual commitments with extensive reporting, using automation.

injixo has helped to improve agent schedule adherence. The degree of improvement varies by client, but overall, schedule adherence has improved.

Jéroen has received great feedback from employees about injixo Me, the injixo agent self-service portal. Agents love being able to access their shifts, book time off, and swap shifts with their colleagues, anytime, anywhere. CXL’s IT team values the fact that there is no need for a dedicated agent app. injixo Me gives an app-like experience in any browser on any device.

injixo is much quicker and easier to use than the previous system. It also provides much greater opportunities for automation.

"We have reduced the time needed to modify an employee’s team and roster by 60% compared to our old system” Jéroen Beutels

Jéroen and his team now spend far less time managing the system and more on the effective use of CXL’s most important resource: its employees and their skills. injixo has enabled the introduction of a new, streamlined team structure. Now there is a team of multi-skilled planners, each of whom is responsible for the complete cycle for one or more clients, rather than having dedicated scheduling specialists, real-time managers, etc.

The Future

CXL has a track record of rapid, sustainable growth and there is every sign that this trend will continue. The launch of new automation tools such as PowerRecruiter, DunningBot, and ReceptionBot will change the volume and pattern of customer traffic and average handling time (AHT). CXL is already exploring the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into business processes. The WFM team at CXL will keep abreast of these innovations and use injixo to derive maximum benefit from them.

We’re honored to have CXL as an injixo customer.

Jéroen has volunteered to be contacted if you have any questions about his injixo journey or if you’d simply like to exchange experiences. Check out his LinkedIn profile and get connected.

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