Are you a Workforce Management hero?

Workforce Management (WFM) professionals are typically results-oriented individuals. They are always asking themselves "how do I measure my success and that of my team?" The answer is never simple. WFM doesn't work in splendid isolation - it is an integral part of the contact centre machine. Some say that Service Level or Average Speed of Answer (ASA) are the ultimate measures of WFM process, while others argue that WFM can only take limited credit for achieving customer service goals. They point out that the WFM team has little control over whether Operations follows the plan, whether the schedules that the centre hires for are a good fit with the requirements, and that Service Level depends as much on inspired tactical intervention by Operations as on brilliant planning by the WFM team.

There is no single measure of proficiency that applies to all WFM teams; They differ in scope of responsibility. Some teams focus entirely on forecasting and scheduling, while others are also accountable for real-time adherence management, ACD routing script management, development and delivery of Management Information (MI), etc. It is reasonable to conclude that all WFM teams have to master forecasting, scheduling and management of the intra-day changes needed to match the staff to the workload.

Here we present four key metrics that you can use to get a good picture of the WFM team's success. They can be used as a scorecard for the WFM team and as tools to diagnose improvement opportunities. Knowing that the process is not as good as it should be isn't enough; The team needs mechanisms to diagnose exactly where the problems are, so that they can more readily be analysed and improved.

Chapter II