Smarter real-time management

No matter how well you prepare, you must expect the unexpected when the day arrives. For example, you may get spikes in volume or agents not sticking to schedule. One thing is for sure: you will nearly always be overstaffed or understaffed. You need to keep track of events and then take swift, informed corrective action to mitigate the impact.

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Real-Time Management
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“With injixo's easy-to-use real-time management, we have been able to reduce our budgeted FTE and achieve our service level every month.”
Tim Milburn Workforce Manager / Head of Planning

Discover injixo real-time management

injixo comes with everything you need to be an effective real-time manager. Monitor your KPIs, track agent schedule adherence, then make the right adjustments, quickly and easily.

KPI Monitoring

Track the metrics that matter so you can detect problems before they get out of control

  • Create and share unlimited KPI dashboards
  • Add multiple charts or tables per dashboard
  • Have your charts constantly refreshed as new data becomes available
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KPI Monitoring

Adherence Monitoring

Monitor agent schedule adherence so your forecasting and scheduling efforts pay off

  • View adherence at individual and team level
  • Set warning thresholds and quickly identify the agents who need attention
  • Get historic adherence reports for appraisals
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Adherence Monitoring

Schedule Management

Make informed changes to schedules once you’ve identified a problem

  • Under-staffed? Switch agent activities, offer overtime or reschedule training
  • Over-staffed? Schedule training at the optimum time or offer time off
  • All changes are checked for rule compliance
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Schedule Management

The solution to real-time management challenges

With inijxo's real-time management features, you can achieve your WFM goals, even when external factors conspire to push you off course.

Defend your KPIs
Professional real-time managers don't rely on their wits. They have a plan to react, triggered by real-time intelligence.
Avoid nasty surprises
Detect deviations in contact volumes, AHT, staffing levels, and schedule adherence before they start to impact your performance.
Stay in control as a team
With the right tools, planners, real-time analysts, and team leaders can collaborate in mitigating the impact of intraday deviations from plan.

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