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injixo WFM Integrates with Your Freshdesk CRM in Seconds

Two powerful tools to serve your customers better. Connecting your Freshdesk CRM with a cloud-based powerful workforce management system has never been easier. injixo offers a smart one-click integration to transfer your historical CRM data for communication channels like email, chat, social media to our award-winning WFM platform within seconds.

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injixo WFM Integrates with Your Freshdesk CRM in Seconds

One click to unleash the full power of professional workforce management

Single-click integration for pure forecast magic

  • Single-click integration with your Freshdesk CRM
  • Availability of historical contact data of up to 3 years
  • Automatic forecast calculation on every data import
  • Modern and intuitive interface

Seamless connection without IT support

Connect your Freshdesk CRM in four steps without IT support:

  1. Define a name for you Freshdesk integration
  2. Enter the domain for your Freshdesk CRM
  3. Enter the API key for your Freshdesk CRM
  4. Your integration will be verified and data import initiated

Simple configuration & setup

injixo automatically updates your forecast every 15 minutes. There is no IT configuration required to merge your phone numbers and queues into workloads. Easy and flexible rearrangements are possible without effects on your historical data.


About our Integration Partner: Freshdesk

Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support software that gives you everything you need to deliver exceptional support


Support your customers wherever they are - email, phone, chat or social


Seamlessly collaborate with other teams to solve issues with speed and efficiency

Easy Scaling

Customizable solutions to suit your growing business needs and operations

jixo Freshdesk CRM

injixo meets Freshdesk

  • Transfer your historical CRM data for communication channels like email, chat, social media
  • Automate forecasting process and save valuable time
  • Create optimal schedules and meet service levels consistently with significantly less time and effort
  • Agents can view shifts, request vacation, swap shifts, etc - all from their smartphone
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Experience pure forecast magic

After successful integration with your ACD, you can now use the fully-automatic injixo Forecast powered by machine learning and AI-based algorithms. Forecasting for calls, chat, email and more has never been easier, faster and accurate.

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