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An easier way to get forecasting right

Forecasting for multichannel has never been easier, faster and more accurate. With injixo’s powerful forecast functionality, you spend less time on the tedious and repetitive aspects of forecasting. Get ready to create the best possible forecast anytime.

An easier way to get forecasting right

Save up to 75% of your current forecasting time


Our customers have reported to save up to 3/4 of their current forecasting time.

Reach up to 97% precision in your forecast calculations


Our customers maximize forecast accuracy by achieving a +/- 3% deviation between plan and actual.

Everything you need to get your forecast right


Spend 75% less time and effort on the forecasting process thanks to more than 150 smart algorithms.


Deliver daily, monthly and annual forecasts in no time and with maximum efficiency.


Easily configure, create and optimize your forecasts in just a few clicks.


Stay up-to-date for 365 days with real-time updates to your forecast.


Maximize quality and precision (±3-5% or better) of projections with the help of modern technology fueled by AI.


Leverage extensive functionalities to create the best possible forecast in any situation.

Always the best possible forecast

injixo Forecast combines quality with precision thanks to smart functionalities and powerful optimization capabilities. Maximize efficiency in your forecasting process while increasing performance to always meet your planning goals.

Automatically forecast workload for 365 days

Automatically forecast workload for 365 days

  • Go multi-channel and skill: Forecast calls, chat, email, social media and more.
  • Create annual, monthly, weekly and daily distribution patterns.
  • Stay always up-to-date with automatic updates and forecast recalculations every 15 minutes.
Monitor planning indicators and KPIs

Monitor planning indicators and KPIs

  • Calculate volume, average handling time (AHT) and staffing requirements at the push of a button.
  • Monitor individual service level goals for each workload (e.g. hotline).
  • Analyze key performance indicators for each interval up to one year.
  • Visualize your forecasted data in dashboards and compare them against actuals.
Factor in trends and events

Factor in trends and events

  • Plan smarter with automatic detection of trends, seasonality and events.
  • Automatically include your business hours in the forecast calculation or optimize them based on incoming volumes.
  • Account for potential fluctuations in volume using events (e.g. through marketing campaigns, outages, crisis situations).
  • Choose between different national holiday calendars.
Optimize your forecasting process

Optimize your forecasting process

  • Make manual adjustments to your forecast to account for business intelligence and your planning experience.
  • Create snapshots (forecast versions) to easily compare quality and accuracy of your forecasts.
  • Use reforecast options. Coming soon

Get started without complicated IT configurations

  • Choose between basic vs. smart features based on your needs:
    • Basic Forecast: Automated forecasting based on average calculations with day-specific intraday and weekly patterns with linear trend recognition.
    • Smart Forecast: AI-based forecasting based on a pool of hundreds of self-learning algorithms covering day-specific intraday, weekly, monthly and seasonal patterns incl. linear and non-linear trends.
  • No IT support required to merge your queues (e.g. phone lines) into workloads.
  • Easy and flexible rearrangements of workloads without affecting your historical data.

Join the new era of forecasting

BEGINNERS are empowered to forecast like a pro without expert know-how. Set up and optimize your forecasting process from start to finish in a few clicks. The highly intuitive user interface makes it possible. Even if you’ve never worked with a professional tool before, you can get started right away and level up your planning with injixo.

PROS can harness the full power of injixo Forecast and benefit from various intelligent optimization and automation capabilities. Maximize the efficiency of your forecasting process. Spend less time and effort creating highly accurate forecasts. injixo takes over a majority of your manual tasks and enables you to put more focus on what matters most to you.

Analyze Historic Data
Predict Workload
Calculate Staffing

The injixo Forecast is very fast and saves me a lot of time. Besides the speed, it's also very accurate. One day last week, it was even just one call off!

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injixo covers your entire call center workforce management process from start to finish.

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