Bring uncertainty under control, and embrace it when you can't.

Predict your short-, mid-, and long-term workload with machine learning that is always up to date.

Graphs for optimized workloads in injixo desktop app.

Why forecast with injixo?

Predicting the future? Tough. With over 100,000+ data points? Even harder. Poor data quality can result in mistakes, staff burnout, and financial losses. And when you add unexpected events that need last-minute fixes, things can quickly spiral out of control.

injixo Forecasting, a self-learning system, integrates seamlessly into your existing data sources.

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Bring uncertainty under control

Understanding trends and patterns in your data is the key to making clear, accurate predictions for the future. With AI-driven, automated forecasts that are constantly up to date, you always have the best possible forecast, making strategic planning, scheduling, and intraday adjustments a breeze.

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Balance staffing and boost morale

Accurately predicting staffing needs is the foundation for people-centric planning. Keep morale high by steering clear of under- and over-staffing, preventing overwork during peak periods, and disengagement during slower times.

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Increase customer satisfaction and profitability

Reliable and high-quality forecasts are crucial for meeting your customers’ expectations. Make informed decisions and consistently meet your service level goals, increasing customer satisfaction and, ultimately, your profitability.

All you need to get your forecasting right

Smart model selection  Lable-master 

Trust injixo to auto-select the most accurate forecast among various competing machine-learning models.

Versions  Lable-master

Save strategic and operational forecasts for scenario planning and accuracy validation.
365 day vision
Enable strategic foresight with a comprehensive forecast for a complete year down to interval level.
Always up-to-date
Rely on injixo to auto-recalculate and update forecasts based on new data throughout the day.
Automatic trend detection
Spot trends early on and stay ahead of the curve.
Multi-channel forecasting
Forecast calls, chat, email, social media and more.
Plan for marketing campaigns, maintenance, and other events.
Public holiday calendars
Choose between different public holiday calendars.
Customizable performance goals
Set individual service level goals for each workload (e.g. calls, emails, chats).
Manual adjustments
Stay in control with the capability to manually adjust your forecasts.
Business hour adjustments
Customize forecast calculations by considering contact volumes within or outside of your operational hours.
Historical data integration
Ground your forecasts on the most relevant and accurate information.
With injixo, not only have we dramatically improved customer service levels, we’ve reduced employee burnout and we’re saving over £100k a year.
Kerry Turney, Thomas Cook Group

Explore our products

Intraday Management
No two days are the same. Be prepared for the unexpected.
Adapt your schedules to unforeseen events in real time to meet your short-term business goals.
Creating the perfect schedule is hard. Deliver schedules your people love and
your business needs.
Balance the requirements of your people with your business demands to create the best possible schedules.
Capacity Planning
Building capacity takes time. Plan strategically to grow your people and business.
Decide on recruitment, budget, and training strategies ahead of time to grow your business in the long run.
Time Off Management
Turn time-off management from a source of stress to a source of joy.
Foster a culture of fairness, trust, and transparency by automating and simplifying your time-off processes.
Time & Attendance
Tracking work time is critical to your people and business. Let data flow smoothly across all systems.
Create the rules you need to track, auto-correct and integrate employee hours with your payroll.
Education Content
You can’t grow your business without growing your people. Empower them to reach their full potential.
Run scalable education programs and ensure consistent learning results with interactive e-learning content.
HR Management
Data management can be messy. Bring order to chaos.
Establish a trusted hub for all your people's data, integrating seamlessly with your existing systems and improving collaboration.
We live in a connected world. Don’t let it harm your sensitive data.
Leverage our API, deep integrations, and a scalable cloud platform, all of which come with enterprise-grade security that you can rely on.

Empower your people today

It’s time to inspire your people to do outstanding work.


Frequently asked questions

Do I need an AI-powered WFM forecast?

Are you a growing business or dealing with a fluctuating workload? Then a smart forecast is the right choice for you. The self-learning algorithms recognize patterns, increase accuracy over time, and lead to better-informed decisions. If you are a small business with fixed shifts, you can still benefit from an automatically generated forecast based on average calculations. 

How does WFM forecasting work exactly?

injixo's forecasting system uses AI to predict upcoming workload based on the following:

  • daily totals of workload,
  • workload volumes throughout the day and
  • trends and patterns across weeks, months, and seasons.

injixo produces accurate forecasts for up to a year in advance, learning from the past and from your business intelligence. Still got questions? We are happy to explain! 

How accurate is WFM forecasting?

The more data you have, the more accurate the forecast, particularly when you integrate external systems. However, even with a limited data set, a smart forecast can still generate reliable predictions. Our customers tell us that they reach up to 97% accuracy overall!