Fully-automatic contact centre forecasting. Always up-to-date.

Automated contact centre forecasting for calls, chat, email and more. Everything you need to meet your service level goals – with zero effort.

Always stay up-to-date for 365 days with zero effort.
Save up to 75% of your current forecasting time.
Self Learning Algorithms create the best possible forecasts.
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Plan smarter with new injixo Forecast.

injixo Forecast enables you to always have the best available forecast values for your business drivers like inbound calls or chat sessions - automatically. It allows planners to spend less time on the labor-intensive, tedious and repetitive aspects of forecasting, freeing them up to spend more time thinking strategically and collaborating with other departments.

Contact centre forecasting for 365 days

  • Get your forecast for 365 days with zero effort.
  • Benefit from an instantly re-calculated forecast on every call data import.
  • See your key figures from each interval for up to a year.

Automatic calculation of contact centre staffing requirements

  • Set your individual service level goals for each workload.
  • Enjoy the automatically calculated staffing requirement for the next 365 days.
  • Keeping track of your always-up-to-date staff requirements.

Workloads: Easy data-processing without IT configuration

  • Fully automatic forecast calculation after every change.
  • No IT configuration required to merge your phone numbers and queues.
  • Easy and flexible rearrangements without effects on your historical data.

Self-learning algorithms for increased forecast accuracy

  • Observe daily, weekly, monthly and yearly distribution.
  • Consider Volume and AHT for different call and non-call channels, e.g. chats, emails, tickets and documents.
  • In addition, trends, holidays and events are taken into account.

Benefit from the best available contact centre forecast. Reach your service level goals. Increase ROI.

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