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A smarter way to schedule meetings

Are you tired of planning meetings? It's hard to find the right time that suits everyone in your team. injixo’s Meetings feature finds the best possible meeting slot and schedules meetings for you - automatically.

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A smarter way to schedule meetings

Always the best meeting slot, 100% of the time

Meetings is designed to save you precious time and effort in scheduling meetings with your team. Even with a fully packed schedule, there’s no need to worry about making room for one-to-one appointments, group meetings and self-learning sessions.

Meeting types

Plan different meeting types with zero effort. Meeting types:

  • 1:1 meetings
  • Group meetings
  • Self-learning sessions
Meeting types

Meeting configuration

Schedule multiple and recurring meetings in no time. Configure meetings based on your needs by specifying:

  • Date and time frame
  • Meeting duration
  • Host and attendees
  • Frequency Coming soon
Meeting configuration

Meeting customisation

Our Meetings feature adheres to constraints that you wish to define. You can:

  • Add time buffers between meetings
  • Limit the number of meetings per day
  • Restrict the impact on staff coverage
Meeting customisation

Meeting optimisation

Align your meetings with your desired staffing levels. Simply, set your staffing threshold. At one glance, see how your planned meetings will affect your staffing per time interval or for your day.

Meeting optimisation

Meeting suggestions

Get optimal suggestions for meeting slots immediately. Receive alerts when conflicting activities arise. Transfer meeting suggestions to your plan and allow agents to see updates to their schedule in real-time.

Meeting suggestions

Planning meetings has never been easier

Scheduling meetings manually can be troublesome in a busy contact centre. With injixo’s Meeting feature, there’s a better way! Invest more time in conducting meetings, not in planning them. What this means for you:

Save time

Schedule multiple meetings in no time thanks to a user-friendly interface and smart optimisation capabilities.

Don’t compromise on service level

Your guarantee for getting optimal meeting slot suggestions that consider staffing constraints.

Empower your employees

Enables you to make time for feedback and coaching as well as self-learning sessions and team meetings - because it’s worth it.

Collaborate better

Allows you to engage in conversations with the right people today, to do the right things tomorrow.

Let injixo do the math

Leverage powerful algorithms based on mathematical optimisation models to ease your work.

Feel understood

Developed by organisational researchers and co-created with our customers.

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