Learn injixo quickly and effectively

Academy is injixo’s self-service training solution. Easily learn how to use injixo and simplify your WFM processes with science-based training.

Learn injixo quickly and effectively

What you can expect

WFM and injixo foundations
Role-specific experience
Training rooted in learning science
WFM and injixo foundations

Learn the foundations of the WFM cycle and connect the power of injixo to your operational needs.

Understand how injixo can have a direct impact on the various areas of the WFM cycle, and ultimately on your customers’ experience with your brand.

Role-specific experience

A training experience tailored to your needs.

Quickly access the training that is most relevant to your role. Improve your performance on injixo tasks and free up time for other work.

Training rooted in learning science

Content designed with you in mind.

  • Bite-sized content that is easy to understand and applicable
  • Realistic use cases that provide context
  • A variety of formats (video, e-learning, PDF)
  • Self-service training that can be paired with consultant-led sessions

Featured training

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What is configuration?
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The Academy team

Our team of learning professionals continously innovate Academy to better help you perform your role and ultimately better serve your customers.

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