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Technology alone isn't the answer

There are thousands of contact centers using sophisticated technology today, but they’re still not getting the right number of people in place at the right times. Why not? It’s because technology alone isn’t the answer. For effective workforce planning and management, you need not only the right technology, but also comprehensive education and a support community.

injixo is more than the sum of its parts

injixo provides the three essential components for you to be successful at optimizing your workforce. The combination of comprehensive education programs + cutting-edge WFM functionality + a vital user community for sharing problems and best practices provides the must-have combination to make you successful.

injixo sum of its parts
Cloud Power

Unleash the power of the cloud

While technology alone isn't the answer, it is an essential ingredient. injixo provides an ideal platform for the most effective delivery of these WFM, education, and community capabilities. Our cloud platform delivers these services with the lowest risk, cost, and hassle.

Always on and up to date

Leading the market means being better, faster, cheaper. injixo solutions are available 24/7, and are always up-to-date. As a result, injixo users always have the latest innovation at their fingertips.Whether it's a new scheduling feature or a just-in-time online training course, it's instantly available in the cloud. Robust capabilities, right now, ready to use.

Online 24/7
Simply use your browser to access injixo

Easy to access and use

You can access all of injixo’s capabilities through a clean and simple user interface. All you need is internet access to get started. You won’t believe how quickly and easily you can begin online training, sharing of ideas, and better workforce planning. It's a piece of cake.


Whether you have 10 or 1000 agents, injixo scales with your needs. There is no need to think about hardware upgrades or system performance as your business grows or experiences seasonal changes. Just add capacity and cut it back as soon as it becomes necessary.

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Secure like a safe

Secure and Private

Rest assured that your data is stored in a highly secured data center that is SAS70 Type II certified. The security measures include physical security, latest firewall and intrusion detection technologies, data encryption and user authentication. Your data exchange over the Internet is secure and confidential.

Fast ROI

The injixo solution provides an incredibly fast payback. Since it’s provided as a service in the cloud, you don’t need costly server hardware at your site. There’s no upfront capital investment or ongoing maintenance costs. You won’t be paying for costly software licenses or ongoing upgrades. It may be the easiest business case you ever present.

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