We shape the future of work

We build software solutions that enable organizations to unleash the full creative potential of their people.

The whole injixo team near their main office at the media harbor in düsseldorf.

Facts about us


What we believe in

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Work is always changing

Technological progress has always changed how we live and work. It has the power to automate work and free up time, so humans can focus on complex and creative tasks.

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People drive progress

While change is inevitable, it is people who are the true drivers of progress. Ultimately, it is human creativity that solves our most challenging problems.

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Great organizations embrace change

Thriving organizations leverage both the power of technology and the power of their people.

Turning our words into action

We foster an environment where we can grow and do outstanding work.
This enables us to create software for organizations to do the same for their people.

Our values

Our core values guide us in everything we do. When everything else is changing around us, they remain constant.


Our decisions are based on logic and evidence, with a strong commitment to critical thinking and intelligent debate.


We cultivate long-term relationships and develop future-proof solutions.


In an ever changing world, we strive for simple solutions to complex problems.


We take ownership over our own decisions, so we’re able to continuously innovate and stay motivated.


We collaborate in a trustful and safe environment where everyone is heard.

We grow our business by developing our people

Since 1995, we’ve deeply cared about people at work.

We come from over 20 countries, speak more than 15 languages, and have expertise ranging from machine learning, to product design to customer experience.

Together, we shape the future of work.

Smiling colleagues while working together in a workshop.

Explore our products

  • Intraday Management
    No two days are the same.
Be prepared for the unexpected.
    Adapt your schedules to unforeseen events in real-time to secure your short-term business goals.
  • Forecasting
    We live in a world of uncertainty. We help you bring it under control, and embrace it when you can't.
    Predict your short-, mid-, and long-term workload with machine learning that is always up to date.
  • Scheduling
    Creating the perfect schedule is hard. Deliver schedules your people love and 
your business needs.
    Balance the requirements of your people with your business demands to create the best possible schedules.
  • Capacity Planning
    Building capacity takes time. Plan strategically to grow your people and business.

    Decide on recruitment, budget, and training strategies ahead of time to grow your business in the long run.

  • Time Off Management
    Turn time-off management from a source of stress to a source of joy.

    Foster a culture of fairness, trust, and transparency by automating and simplifying your time-off processes.

  • Time & Attendance
    Tracking work time is critical to your people and business. Let data flow smoothly across all systems.

    Create the rules you need to track, auto-correct and integrate employee hours with your payroll.

  • Education Content
    You can’t grow your business without growing your people. Empower them to reach their fullest potential.

    Run scalable education programs and ensure consistent learning results with interactive e-learning content.

  • HR Management
    Data management can be messy. Bring order to chaos.

    Establish a trusted hub for all your people's data, integrating seamlessly with your existing systems and improving collaboration.

  • Platform
    We live in a connected world. Don’t let it harm your sensitive data.
    Leverage our API, deep integrations, and a scalable cloud platform, all of which come with enterprise-grade security that you can rely on.